Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Than A Choice

Good evening, everyone.  I have to apologize for misleading some of you with what I wrote, earlier.

As the book of Job says, Job 11:2, "should a man full of talk be justified?"  I wrote like Job, as Elihu described him in Job 35:16, who was said to "open his mouth in vain; he multiplieth words without knowledge."

This will be a short post.  With feelings of hopelessness, I was near to venting about my life situation; how I have been searching for a job for months fruitlessly, how I have little to put on a resumé to impress with.  (That said, if you know any reasonable job openings near south Seminole County, Florida for someone with a diploma but no degree/college coursework or solid work history but who is patient, has a good demeanor and is more than willing to work and work hard, given half a chance, and isn't terribly discriminating about the task - have grace on me and drop me a line, would you?)

However, those were merely covering up the error that I would not face.

We are more than our choice.

We are a combination of our choice and what God has vested (or perhaps granted, in the feudal sense of liege lords and whatnot; no transferrance of ownership occurs, merely an assignment of stewardship and responsibility in exchange for a benefit) in us.  Perhaps, in a mathematical sense, it could be said that we are God's grant raised to the power of our choice.  I'm not certain about all that.  It sounds like it makes sense, as then we would be able to marginalize God's contribution but not eliminate it; but I've been wrong before.

Any contributions you feel moved to make are always welcome.

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